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Allow me to introduce myself...

October 1, 2017

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#WCW: Nicki @ Novak Fitness

July 17, 2018

It's one thing getting up every day and motivating yourself to make the best of what you got and who you are. Now imagine doing that, and then going to work and pushing other people to do the same - except, you have to convince them that 50 sit-ups is the first step. Sound hard? Well, Nicki Novak makes it look easy.


Nicki is chief boss babe at Novak Fitness and works as a personal trainer helping those needing some guidance toward a fitter, healthier future.


Nicki is an intelligent, confident, fit lady and if that triple threat wasn't enough on it's own, she's also one of the warmest and friendliest people I've been lucky to meet. It's that killer combination that makes her such an excellent personal trainer and this month's Woman Crush Wednesday.


I caught up with Nicki during one of her training sessions and got to see first hand why people come to her to make the best of themselves and work toward a healthier future. Read on to find out more!



Hi Nicki! So, tell us a bit about yourself!


I, like most people, wasn’t too sure on what I wanted to do when I finished High School. My brother at the time chose to study in Sport and Recreation, majoring in Outdoor Education. I absolutely LOVED the idea of studying the same thing, but stubbornly as his little sister, I chose not to pursue the same path.


I chose Primary School teaching. In the end, I was not successful at this, nor was my heart fully there. Time flew by and I hit my 5th year anniversary in a telecommunication company and I realised I was working for something I wasn’t truly passionate about. Therefore, I took advantage of studying at NZIHF (New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness) part-time and gained my Personal Trainer qualification and (about bloody time!) I chose to follow my passion!



Why did you decide to start Novak Fitness?


I used to be a full-time smoker, drank most weekends, sat around over 32% body fat and felt disgusting about myself inside and out. So, I started my own fitness journey with a couple of 12-week challenges here and there. I ended up quitting smoking, limited (not eliminate) my alcohol intake and my mind wasn’t fogging anymore.  I couldn’t believe how long I was off the wagon, and why it took me so long to follow the dreams I had since I was a teenager. 


That’s when I knew I wanted a business that would aspire to have anyone focus on their wellbeing anywhere at any time. Therefore, my focus with Novak Fitness is mainly about travelling to my clients and building an online platform to remain in consistent contact with my clients and their goals. 



What about running Novak Fitness makes you feel empowered?


Novak Fitness gives me the ability to see and engage with fellow women, like myself, come together and accomplish their goals. To me, this is empowering as we all have time restraints and lead busy lives, and I feel empowered running Novak Fitness as it’s a platform that helps overcome all those reasons as to why you cannot focus on yourself.


It focuses on providing services from Mobile Personal Training to Online Training where I could be at either your home, a nearby park or provide you support with the click of a button. 


Novak Fitness will keep aspiring to eliminate any reasons as to why we end up not putting our wellbeing first. I truly believe that you need to focus on your own wellbeing first before you can focus on others. 



Tell me some more about your work in all thing fitness and health!


Part of my business specialty is adapting to small spaces and limited equipment. If I’m given a scenario, I’ll adapt to what I am given and help you achieve your goals. However, piece by piece, I’m adding some more portable equipment into my sessions that I can take with me anywhere. This equipment ranges from sand bags, slam balls, kettlebells, etc. therefore focusing on my client not having to worry about a thing, and just doing the session.


More relating to fitness and health, I always tell my clients that in order achieve their goals, 20% lies with fitness and 80% lies with nutrition. I don’t want to give any false pretense that I am a qualified nutritionist, because I’m not. Nonetheless, I’ll always have my arms open to give nutrition advise to better my clients wellbeing.  



What adventures do you anticipate in the next few years?


I want a family for my own, and I want to truly be able to relate to women who are full time mothers and lead busy lifestyles. I really feel that putting yourself in someone’s shoes is important but having been in the same situation is a whole new world. I know being a mother will be a whole new ball game for me, at the same time running Novak Fitness. 


This leads me to envisioning a future of Novak Fitness where mobile training will be able to expand into other regions in Auckland City, and who knows, maybe further throughout the country. Having this available and being able to reach all sorts of different people across board is so important to me. I don’t want anyone to miss out on having the chance to better their well-being.



Who is a boss babe that inspires you, and why?


I had to really think about this one, as I’ve only recently started watching some awesome women online and meeting more face to face as I’ve started in the Fitness industry. 



I would have to choose Whitney Simmons. She seems like a true genuine human being who has been through ups and downs of her own. She reiterates ‘It’s a beautiful day to be alive’ and I couldn’t word it better myself. I feel like we sometimes take things for granted and forget to treat every day as a beautiful day and a new start. 


Usually I would lose focus and stop watching a Youtube video half way, but with Whitney I usually complete the whole video as she is so engaging! I aspire to be a role model like her, and eventually would like to start my own Youtube channel to support the women that want to make a change in their lives. 


Any advice for a boss babe out there wanting to forge her own path? 


You live one life, why play it safe? What’s life without a little risk here and there? While you’re taking those risks, why not take them following your passion? I’m not talking about getting a massive loan and dropping your 9-5 job on the spot. But I HIGHLY recommend writing a plan for yourself and trialing what works for you and what doesn’t.


Don’t take on too much at once! I’ve made this mistake and have taken a step back to see the bigger picture. I tried to be the personal trainer that could do anything and everything. Marketing myself from 1-on-1 training, small group, bootcamps, online training, mobile training, etc. This relates to why it’s so important to understand what differentiates you and your service/product from the rest of the others. 



You can see more from Nicki and Novak Fitness at:









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